Hi Everyone,
Corey is back at Bryn Mawr, showered, tucked in and ready to start her exercising! We were so proud of her the last couple of days. Despite the seizures; several doctors, nurses, as well as the PT/OT therapists for Paoli hospital came in to test her cognitive responses. Corey met each request effortlessly. When we returned to Bryn Mawr, Dr. Long greeted us. He came right in to check on Corey. Once again, she met each command received with an instantaneous response. More importantly, she repeated each response immediately upon request…that’s HUGE!

John met us at the hospital and stayed with Corey tonight so Caitlin and I could go home and sleep in our beds. It should also be mentioned that both Caitlin and JohnPaul have been amazing with Corey. They are both awesome siblings! The love these 3 kids share brings a huge smile to my face.

I’m so grateful to have had Caitlin with me in the hospital but also incredibly proud of her “care giving talents”. Caitlin jumped right in to whatever her sister needed. She showed compassion, humor, tenderness and encouragement as we spent the last 2 days in the step down ICU. It takes amazing courage on her part to participate in Corey’s care with such a natural response. I’m so proud of her too!

Corey, tonight we will all sleep well. You are settled, content and safe. We are at ease knowing you are comfortable and receiving the best care. What a gift! Sleep well honey. Tomorrow brings new opportunities. Happy dreams, xoxo