Hi Everyone,

Not great news tonight. We’ve just checked into our room at Paoli Hospital.

I was working in Philly today and fortunately, Caitlin stopped at the office to visit when the call came in at 3pm. Corey had a seizure during her afternoon PT session. We left immediately. When we arrived in the ER, she continued to have multiple seizures. The team gave her Atavan to stop the seizures as well as added a second medicine to her daily dose. We’re not sure what caused them. Her CAT scan looks good, unchanged from the last scan a few weeks ago. However, she has developed a fever of 102.4. They have taken blood work and x-rays to check for pneumonia and/or some internal infection. No results yet.

Tomorrow we will meet with the Paoli Neurologist to discuss the possibility of an infection in the Shunt. We think he will also order an EEG to check for seizure activity.

JohnPaul and John came out earlier. Caitlin is staying with me at the hospital tonight. We will write tomorrow…actually later today…to keep you all posted. Keep those prayers coming. The seizures are frightening to watch.

Corey, it breaks my heart to watch what you’re going through, but I’m incredibly proud of you for fighting like hell to recover! You are an amazing young woman! we love you so much!!