Hi Everyone,

We had a quiet night with Corey. She is very present and becomes more aware everyday.
Tonight we worked on her holding a spoon, extending and retracting her arm. She did well. We even tried a small droplet of water in her mouth. She wasn’t thrilled!

After her leg exercises, she seemed distracted. Not detached, more reflective. I wondered what she was thinking. I tried to pull it out of her. We read the carepage to her along with all the responses. We talked about all her friends and the amazing support we’re receiving from the community.

As we talked, I thought there are times that the good in life can be overshadowed. For every challenge that causes cynical thoughts or prompts the question ‘who cares’, there are hundreds, even thousands of acts of love and compassion that counter the cynicism. Don’t fret; it only causes negative energy. Look around closely, it is always outweighed by the good that is coming from nearly every direction.

When tragedy strikes or the challenges seem overwhelming, there is no shortage of people who eagerly step forward to help. When there is a job that needs to be done, someone will find a way to do it.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those friends that find the answers. Thank you for your friendship, love, support and encouragement. Attached is a wonderful article written about our community and the amazing outreach of support for Corey. So many volunteers have stepped forward to offer their help and donation of materials to renovate our home. I can’t begin to express our appreciation! Ty Pennington has nothin’ on New London’s Extreme Makeover!

If you’d like to follow the fundraisers, community activity or contribute, you can keep posted on www.careforcorey.org or (for those of you on Facebook) the “Care for Corey” page on facebook.
Our greatest blessing is to have each of you apart of our lives! Thank GOD for you all!
I truly don’t know what we’d do without our friends and family!