Hi Everyone,

Quiet night. No news from the team on this weeks meeting. I continue to reach out to gather all the information necessary to prepare us for the next part of this recovery process. There is a great deal to be considered before a decision will be made.

On a personal note, please say an extra prayer for the grace to remain willing, teachable and open as our options, albeit limited, are becoming more defined.

Corey tonight’s cake boss was really fun. I can’t believe that Buddy and his team figured out how to make a snow globe cake. As we watched them try to create their vision from paper to edible reality, it occurred to me that many things are not simply going to happen with just one, or three, or even a dozen attempts. Yet anything becomes possible with enough persistence.

A disappointing result will stop you only if you assume that is supposed to stop you. Giving up is easy. You have what it takes to keep going. The daily achievements are the rewards that keep you pushing harder; each building upon one another. Before you know it, your steady pace will create your own reality. Remember your ring, “Nothing is Impossible”. We promise to give you every opportunity and position every resource available to make that happen for you! Tonight, I hope you dream about the future and what you will achieve. Dreams do come true sweetie! xoxo