Hi Everyone,

Corey was VERY frustrated tonight and let me know it! I sat beside her to read a book aloud. I held it in front of her so she could read along. Corey began to hum. Initially her hum was calm and steady. It appeared as if she wanted to read to me. I asked her if she wanted to read. She reached her right hand up, moved it towards the book and pushed it away! I thought she was trying to hold the book so I continued to ask her to vocalize and try to reach forward again. Her hum became louder and her breathing became shallower. She was getting upset! It didn’t take me long to pick up on the “I’ve had enough, Mom” queue, so I began to console her! Eventually she did settle down.

Corey I can’t imagine the frustration you must be feeling. One TBI survivor explained his frustration in not knowing that he wasn’t communicating. He told us that in his reality he thought he was responding, reaching and reacting to his surroundings. To his family, he was not expressing his emotions, changing his facial expressions nor making any overt motions. As he continued to emerge, those motions became his voice until he could fully communicate his thoughts.

We know you’re “in there” and we hear you honey! I know you were frustrated tonight Corey, but you did an outstanding job of expressing yourself! It’s a matter of time before you fully emerge. Soon you will be able to tell us whatever it is you’d like to say. THAT will be an amazing day worth waiting for! Relax for now and sleep well sweetie.
Happy dreams, xoxo