Hi Everyone,

I didn’t hear from the case manager about our extension or denial yet. I certainly hope we can count on the old saying “no news is good news”…

Corey was very tired tonight and looking at her therapy schedule I can understand why. It appears as if they are double teaming her. I’m sure it’s to evaluate her progress not only for the appeal but also for referral information as we prepare for the imminent decision to move onto the next step of her recovery.

I am fighting to keep Corey at Bryn Mawr to ensure the maximum amount of care and therapy for her to continue/exceed the momentum she’s gained to date. The reality is that we do have to prepare for Stage 3 of this journey. This week has been extremely stressful as I begin to evaluate all of Corey’s options. In addition to choosing the best environment for her, I also have to secure the maximum amount of therapy hours and financial coverage from multiple sources to support our decision. My primary insurance has been the least helpful with this transition piece. I haven’t finished the preparation for the appeal process just yet but when I complete the written analysis for this, from the family perspective, it will astound you.

Corey, the preparation for any change in our life can be intimidating and scary. Each question leads to at least 5 more questions! There are always lingering thoughts of whether the direction that we think we’ll take will actually be the “right” direction or the “right” choice. The wonderful thing about making decisions is that regardless of the direction we choose, it will either work out or it won’t! If it does, great; if it doesn’t, we will have the opportunity to find a new direction that might actually be better for us in the long run.

We can’t be afraid to make a decision or base a decision on fear. There is a great acronym for FEAR…Future Events Aren’t Real. Decisions need to be based on a balance of educating ourselves on the facts, consequences and choices; as well as intuition and a bit of hope that it all works out. I have learned to become aware of the “signs”. It’s amazing how coincidental circumstances can be interpreted as little signs that all seem to appear within a short period of time. Each leading us towards what instinctually feels comfortable. Those signs are what give us the assurance that we’ve chosen the right path.

We’re going to be just fine honey. One day at a Time. Happy dreams, xoxo