Sometimes when you make the effort to move ahead, all kinds of things will be there to push you back. We have to move ahead anyway. Whatever holds us back also compels us to build the strength and determination to move forward.

I was talking with a friend today. He reminded me that if we didn’t have bad days, we wouldn’t recognize the good days.

The world will often try to pick a fight with you, but you do not have to fight back. When our path is blocked, we have the opportunity to find a more promising path. We just have to move confidently forward. When life pushes against us, we can turn that energy around and let it push us forward. We have to maintain a clear and meaningful sense of direction and whatever happens to come our way it will move us in the direction we’ve chosen.

Tonight I sat with you, stroking your head to help you fall asleep. You looked into my eyes fighting sleep. The entire time all I could think about was that we are stronger, more determined, more flexible, innovative and creative than any difficult circumstance we encounter. We have a purpose that keeps rising to the surface and pushing us forward! Your will to recover is ultimately stronger than anything that could hold you back. Our love for you compels us to stay positive and maintain a clear direction to advocate for you. We’re a team Corey. We’re not giving up and we’re not giving in!
Sleep peacefully honey. Happy dreams, xoxo