Hi Everyone,

Corey had a good day! I met with the case manager and we might be able to squeak out another week. She told me that team met today and the CRS score was 14! She has also consistently responded to “thumbs up” 5/5 and 4/5 times over the last few days…See, practicing our homework at night really does work!

Corey has shown a few new improvements in the gym as well. She is consistently balancing upright in a sitting position with minimal assistance, supported by her left arm.

Now for the insurance. Here’s the process; the case manager calls into Blue Cross tomorrow to report this week’s progress. If we are approved for another week, great! If we are denied, it will go to the Peer to Peer review. That is when Dr. Long speaks directly to the Medical Director and lobby’s on Corey’s behalf. The P2P call will be made on Wednesday. If he is denied, Bryn Mawr starts the appeal process. If the appeal is denied than I place my appeal. If I’m denied, we’re out. We should hear by Thursday if we’ve made it another week.

This is an excruciating process. Corey’s cognitive development is improving however since her functional improvement technically hasn’t, we may still be denied. The pin has been pulled from the grenade and we stand still, holding our breath, waiting for the explosion.

In the meantime, we continue to work on the best solution for moving onto the next step in Corey’s recovery. Tomorrow she will have the muscle block procedure. We will diligently practice our evening rituals of expanding Corey’s repertoire of responses and exercises.

Corey you deserve a trumpeted “ATTA GIRL” for your accomplishments. I hope someday soon you will see what you have achieved in 142 days since the accident, 112 days in the rehab! Physically, you have survived a broken neck, shoulder, pelvis and femur. You are now holding your head and sitting independently for longer periods of time. You are also starting to assist us as we change you by lifting your hips! Kicking, lifting, bending your knees, turning your head, making noises and we swear you’re starting to smile! You deserve to smile honey…you are doing a great job and you should be so proud of yourself!

The recovery for your brain injury is a slow, slow process but you are making tremendous improvement with that as well. You are beginning to communicate with us. Each day it’s a little bit more than the day before. We have been told that when the brain is injured, it try’s to reroute and reconnect. What an amazing process to witness how this happens with your healing. I don’t know how the GPS is going to direct us but I’m sure glad it’s turned on! Let’s try to enjoy the ride…Happy dreams, xoxo