“Your first word”

Corey, each day your blue eyes become clearer. The visual connection is stronger and we know it’s no longer an empty stare. As you listen to us, we wonder what your thoughts are. Even though you cannot say a word, we know you desperately want to be heard.

Do you feel safe in our arms, secure and protected? Does our kiss and caress keep you from crying? Are you comforted by the warmth of your bath water or the comb through your hair as we whisper how much we care? What will you remember and when will you express it?

Today was the day! You were slightly panicked, moving your mouth as if you were gagging. I lifted your head, chin forward and down. Our eyes locked and with a long breath you captured my heart as you began to articulate “Hi”! You surprised yourself, the motion and sound finally connecting. Startled you continued repeating “I”, “I”, “I”, “I”! Each sound was louder and clearer than the one before it.
Hearing your true voice filled me with such joy, tears began to flow and I could barely return the salutation with the lump in my throat! “Hi” to you Miss Corey.

Thank you so much for always trying to break through. Never forget that we love you, too! Happy dreams, can’t wait for you to greet us tomorrow, xoxo