Hi Everyone,

It was an incredibly windy day! All I could think of was calling Auntie Em and asking her to get Toto because it was time to get out of Kansas! When I dressed Corey for the day I thought it only appropriate that she wear her ruby slipper socks. Truthfully, I was hoping she’d click her heals three times and we’d leave this crazy world we seem to be stuck in.

Bryn Mawr Rehab is a very large hospital with many corridors. We walk them all to exercise, explore and (secretly) escape. We’ve found a few quiet spots that have windows that allow us to enjoy the beautiful view of the grounds. Today we sat and watched the force of the wind choreograph the leaves. It was quite a performance. It made me think of the circumstances that currently swirl around us. We in turn dance in a constant state of flux and confusion. How easy it is to base our attitude on how things are tossed at us with such a gale force. The truth is the challenges we face are fleeting occurrences in the grand scheme of our lives.

Corey we need to be guided and inspired by the best of what’s inside us. We can’t let our feelings be tossed in every direction by whatever happens to come our way. We can’t base our attitude, focus and motivation on how things are. We have to choose our attitude and actions to be the way we wish it to be. There will be no end to the distractions vying to pull us away from our dream. There is no good reason to give in to any of those distractions, for each one will soon pass on by just like the leaves blowing past our window. Just like the oak tree, I’ll bet you didn’t know how strong you were until that wind began to blow. Don’t ever underestimate yourself. We’re so proud of you. Happy dreams sweetie, xoxo