Hi Everyone,

Corey had a good day. OT worked with her on the bolster using a new technique. Normally Corey sits on the end of the bolster with the therapist directly behind her. They rock side to side to build the core muscles. Today Corey straddled the bolster too. As she and therapist rocked, they tilted further than they have before allowing Corey’s foot to reach the floor so she could push off and rock to the opposite side. The technique was supposed to check Corey’s range of motion, balance and to see if she would flex her toes, bare the weight and use the reflex to push. She was extremely successful. In fact it appeared as though she was happy to be more actively involved in this session.

Corey it was a nice relaxing day with you; exercising, reading and chatting. I’m sure you’re tired of us telling you what a great job you’re doing but guess what? That’s what being part of a team is, we work together towards the big goal. Our goal is full recovery! You are doing your part and we guarantee that we will keep the commitment to work our part. Everyday it seems like we’re pushing a boulder up hill but together we will reach the top! As our friend Mrs. Cole reminds us, we’ll keep looking up. Happy dreams, xoxo