Hi Everyone,

What a blessing it is to have all of you! Thank you to everyone that sent information today to help us fight for more time at Bryn Mawr. Please keep it coming. We are not giving up until we absolutely have to!

Corey is still fighting too. Tonight for the first time, we saw her lift her left leg up off the bed…not as high as the right but that’s okay. The right started the same way! Speaking of the right, Corey is practicing to swing dance. She is now taking her right foot/leg, lifting it up, swinging it over the leg rest of the wheelchair to the side, and then lifting it back up to the leg rest. At times she holds her leg straight out and rapidly moves her leg in an up/down motion. It is comical to watch.

I spoke with a TBI survivor tonight. This young man explained to me that when he was in his semi-conscious coma, he had moments of clarity. The analogy shared was as if every moment of his life was like a library book organized and cataloged. When the injury occurred, the library shelves collapsed. All the books landed in a pile in the middle of the room. Each day, he had to pick up one book at a time to place back on the shelves. Each day, he would notice that a book was out of sequence but he didn’t know how to alphabetize it until he was able to pick up another and decide where that book should be placed. What a wonderful example of what Corey must be working through. He explained that his memories would come in waves. He was 5, 12, 4, 18, 9, 6 and so on. Until one day the memories seemed to connect and flow in the true pattern of his life.

He also shared that in the first year especially, he was on sensory overload. If someone would open the blinds, turn on the TV or Music or talk at length, he couldn’t process the information with what was happening in his head. He also shared that he would respond to questions and call out, even shout his answers (in his mind) yet he couldn’t understand why no one heard him. What an amazing glimpse into what it’s like from the inside looking out. One important note; he did know who was visiting him. His family and friends were very comforting to him. He remembers the positive affirmations and he remembers pushing himself because everyone was so confident in his ability to heal and recover.

Corey we try to learn whatever we can each day to find the best way to help you with your recovery. We know you’re “in there” trying to be heard. We also know how hard you’re working and what you’ve achieved so far. It’s not easy. We know that, but you are doing an amazing job of picking up your library books one at a time. You do know that Uncle Tom is going to ask you if they’re all picture books? We both know how much the two of you like to read!

Here is today’s motivational phrase; it’s all going to be OK in the end. If it’s not ok…it’s not the end!

We’re at the beginning sweetie and every day gets a little bit better!
Happy dreams, xoxo