Hi Everyone,

I’m waiting for the team report but I did find out that the evaluation from yesterday was to consider Corey as a candidate for a Muscle Block. We will share more details as they educate us but the thought is (if it works) it will help loosen the stiff tone in her legs and allow greater range of motion that will assist her Physical therapy. The goal is to get her standing and walking now that those feet are moving! The left foot is still just at the wiggle stage but I’m sure it will catch up soon.

I didn’t personally witness this, but when I arrived the nurses couldn’t wait to tell me their exciting observation. Corey was sitting in her chair at their desk. When they looked up, she was smiling! Their comments to me, “we can see how beautiful she is, but when she smiles she lights up”! Now they truly know our Corey!

Tonight we practiced some wiggling of fingers, hand squeezing and ranging her arms. We have to keep working on those hands/arms because we can’t allow the feet/legs to take all the praise.

Corey was so content tonight. We were chatting about Caitlin and JohnPaul as well as her friends at High School. We talked about cooking and college. We talked about Roxie and Amelia. As I spoke with Corey, her head was not turned to the right nor her eyes fixated on the right. Her head and eyes were positioned straight forward and she was focused on me. I am filled with incredible energy from her gaze. When I’d ask her questions, she’d move her mouth. Not in a chewing motion. She’d slightly open her mouth and the movement gave the impression that she was trying to form words. At other times she focuses on me and makes a noise that reminds me of a snore that comes from the base of your throat. She wants to speak and answer my questions…I can feel it!

Corey I can’t wait to hear your voice and see that beautiful smile again honey. You look more “like yourself” each day. You’re making some wonderful strides and we’re so proud of you. Keep fighting honey. Keep working hard. You are getting stronger. We have so much to look forward to; another great reason to smile! Happy dreams, xoxo