Hi Everyone,

Corey had a good day. She continues to show us small little signs of progress. Corey started on the tilt table in PT. She’s been fighting the therapists to keep her right leg/foot from straightening and NOT moving! Today we actually got her to stand still. While she was upright on the table, we were chatting and trying to illicit some vocalization. She decided to sing to us. It was faint at first but then we heard a gentle steady soprano hum. Surprisingly, she was in key! It was music to our ears!

Jen, today’s therapist, moved Corey to the bolster. They worked on Corey’s balance as well as trying to get Corey to lift her arms and hold a bean bag. When asked to lift her left arm and hold the bean bag, she led with her shoulder and elbow ever so subtly. She made the motion to move and lift her arm. After several minutes of trying, Jen assisted Corey by lifting her arm the rest of the way towards the bean bag. Jen then asked Corey to open her hand to hold the bean bag. Corey relaxed her grip. Her fingers began to flinch. Jen praised Corey, helped her open her fingers and placed the bag in her hand. The process continued. ‘Corey, move your arm to put the bean bag in the box in front of you’. Corey released her grip and ever so slowly the bag fell from her hand.
It was astounding to watch this process. Corey’s concentration was intense yet she was completely relaxed. She was determined to get that bean bag in the box. Just when we thought Corey had enough, she surprised us by lifting her right arm towards the box. Today was the very first time we saw her right arm make this motion! The therapists were cheering, calling her a “rock star”.

Corey you had a great day! We know the energy it took to push your self today. As you did we held our breath so we wouldn’t break your concentration. Each motion gave us a surge of energy anticipating your achieving what you were working towards. You did an amazing job today kiddo! You keep working hard and you’ll be back dipping chocolate with the candy girls! We are so proud of you sweetie.
Happy dreams…of chocolate! xoxo