Hi Everyone,

For those of you who can read between the lines, the last few weeks have been particularly stressful and worrisome. Corey has not been as responsive, which is daunting to our spirit and our emotional stamina. Intellectually we understand that this healing process is gradual. But it’s our hope that she will continue her momentum; ever mindful that her progress will wax & wane. When she appears to be stagnant with her responses day in and day out, it’s exhausting to maintain hope, trust and faith.

Doubts and fears are normal. We’re human. Anyone that lives with an injury or disease will admit to similar thoughts. For those that care for the loved one, they will admit that a day doesn’t go by that the feeling of helplessness penetrates every pore of their body. Strength to cope with an injury comes from accepting these feelings. Allowing them to flow and be felt. Strength comes from sharing them, giving them a voice instead of silencing them. This is part of the healing process too. We can not move forward, hope for the future or begin to imagine living life if we cling to the negative thoughts. We don’t need the answers today. Just for today we need to look for and hold onto one good thought, action or movement.

You’ve heard me ask before, ‘Throw me a bone, please!’ ‘Anything’! Today we were given 2 bones! I don’t have the full team report yet but I can share a “new” update .

Last night, Corey and I worked all evening on “wiggle your left toes”. I also manipulated her left leg to bend at the knee as well as flexing her foot and ankle. This morning I called Brian about a different matter and he shared the following. When he and Jen were getting Corey dressed, they went to put on her left sock and she bent her left knee to pull her leg back away from them! Naturally they were surprised, caught her leg and put on her sock. She then began moving/flexing her foot and toes. When they grabbed her foot to “tickle” her, she lifted her right foot, crossed over and pushed their hand away from her left foot! Atta girl Corey, let them know you’re not ticklish!
We also heard that the Psychiatrist that administers the CRS exam, comma recovery scale, reported in team that Corey’s score improved! Funny coincidence, we’ve teased for years that our CRS exam is ‘can’t remember squat’! So glad Corey is passing even though we continue to flunk our exam!

Corey thank you for throwing us a bone! No one truly knows what this healing process is for you. All we can do is try to be here with you.

To our friends and family, we rely on you to be there for us. Your support is our emotional medicine. How do we express how invaluable your relationship is to us? The love and support we receive gives us strength to heal, cope and begin to move forward. Your love will allow us to live life fully. This is the 3rd “blessing” we can hold onto today. You are our strength. Without your calls, text messages, voicemails and letters, we could not begin to hope, believe, trust or dream!
Love, the Beattie’s