Hi Everyone,

Not much to report tonight. Corey is not consistently responding to commands yet. The shunt was adjusted again today. They will continue to adjust it incrementally until we hit 120. The hope and intention is that opening the valve will relieve any pressure within the ventricles and Corey may begin to respond without a delay. This process may not be evident for at least a week to two weeks. We are hoping that this will also “buy” us some more time at Bryn Mawr.

Tomorrow is the team meeting. The therapists, Doctors and nurses get together to evaluate Corey’s progress for the week. Based on the overall report, it’s called into the Insurance Company on Wednesday. We then will know if she’s approved for another week. The evaluation will be predicated with the information about the ventricles and the shunt adjustments. Keep your fingers crossed and positive vibes flowing. Hey, maybe if we all ask our guardian angels to fly over to the Doctor at the insurance company, his guardian angel will be so intimidated he’ll scream, “Hey buddy, these people mean business”!!! If nothing else, the visual makes me smile, that’s good enough for tonight.

We had surprise visitors tonight. JohnPaul and Caitlin came out to see Corey. We sat chatting and laughing about our favorite movies, memories and silly stories of what they’ve done. I love having the kids together.

Well kiddo, Mom’s tired! I enjoyed watching Cake Boss with you. Someday we’ll have to go to Carlo’s and taste one of his amazing cakes in person. We have a big week ahead of us, but we’re only going to focus on what we can do tomorrow. Happy dreams honey, xoxo