Hi Everyone,

The shunt was “turned on” today. It was adjusted to 170 from 200 (the highest setting). Dr. Long said he’d like to continue to adjust it incrementally over the next week until its set at 120. The insurance company has approved Corey to stay until Wednesday 1/26. Her next team meeting is Tuesday so we are hoping for more signs of progress over the weekend.

I spoke to Dr. Long tonight and asked his opinion on what we can expect now that the shunt is turned on. He confirmed that Corey’s progress isn’t considered a plateau, but she hasn’t been as responsive as she had been. The results of the CT showed decreased brain swelling but an increase in the size of the ventricles. This could be a result of the hydrocephalus increasing. Dr. Long explained that we really don’t know if the stagnant responses are a result of the brain injury or the hydrocephalus? Turning on the shunt may relieve the pressure causing an increase in responses and alertness. If it doesn’t, that could be a sign of the extent of the brain injury.
It’s a guessing game with the patented title of “wait and see”! I’d try to think of a way to market this game, but quite frankly I don’t think anyone would buy it!

My niece Christy, Tom and Marjy’s oldest daughter, and her 2nd son, Justin, came to visit us. It was the first time Corey’s met Justin, born October 29th. It’s been wonderful spending time with Christy and to have this beautiful baby here. There is nothing like baby noises to bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart! I think Corey loved hearing Christy’s voice, Justin’s coo’s and watching them at her bedside. Corey and Christy are very close. It’s obvious to see how content Corey becomes when she’s visited by the family and friends she was closest too! This brings me so much comfort.

Christy, Justin and I are hangin’ in the dorm tonight. Christy shared with me that in her opinion, Corey looks amazing and “is right there”. She can see it and feel it. That is one thing that is encouraging for us. Corey looks like she did before the accident. She’s lost weight but her face hasn’t changed since you all have seen her last. By the way, her hair is growing incredibly fast. The right side of her head was shaved for the surgery on 10/3 and her hair is already growing over the scar by almost 3”! I’m not sure what’s in that feeding tube but I’m sure it’s amazing vitamins! Last night, Caitlin was looking at the mixture of food and asked me what was in it. I am assuming its lots of protein and vitamins. It’s a tan color. Caitlin told me she’s convinced its cookie dough without the chocolate chips, because the chips would get caught in the feeding tube! Makes sense to me and Corey would love that!

Corey you continue to “recognize” the people that you love. It’s obvious through your eyes and posture. Speaking of eyes; CONGRATULATIONS! The senior superlatives were published today and you won Best Eyes for the class of 2011. This award comes from the entire senior class ~ Your friends that love you, miss you, think of you and pray for you everyday. Hang in there sweetie, we are all with you and waiting for you to bat those beautiful blue eyes as you smile and tell us all it’s good to be back! We love you. Happy dreams, xoxo