Hi Everyone,

No word on adjusting the shunt. Corey’s neurosurgeon hasn’t called in yet. He has been in surgery the last two days. Tomorrow our case manager calls the insurance company. Tonight we pray for more time. My nana used to tell me if I ever needed something from someone, pray to your guardian angel to go and talk to the other person’s guardian angel and they would work it out.

Corey didn’t have a great day in therapy and unfortunately, she was sick again tonight. She was visibly uncomfortable until she got a surprise visitor. Caitlin took a late train out from Philly to see us! It was amazing to see the change in Corey’s body language when Caitlin sat next to her and started chatting. Prior to her arrival her face, hands and body were very tense. Once Caitlin sat next to Corey, she focused on Caitlin and began to relax. Within minutes Corey’s face softened and her arms/hands were less tense. By the end of visiting hours, she was starting to fall asleep. What a delight to see the girls together and witness their connection.

Corey I know today was a tough day for you. I know you’re not feeling well and you can’t tell us what it is that hurts, but don’t give up honey. Keep in mind that there are days when we are perfectly healthy that we just don’t feel right. Tomorrow is a new day. Hopefully you will feel better. Everyone tells us it’s just “one day at a time”. I know; I hate that saying too! But truthfully, we only have today. At the end of the day there is so much that we can reflect on that made today a good day. When I don’t feel well, get scared, become overwhelmed or just want to give up, I think of the words “Just for Today”. We can handle anything if we remember it’s “Just for Today”. Tomorrow is going to come and will be filled with new joys and new challenges. We have to focus on the moments that bring us joy. We will deal with the challenges; whatever they may be.
Happy dreams honey. We love you, xoxo