Hi Everyone,

This morning Corey had an hour of OT. She had a very good session. They positioned her on her stomach and she did an outstanding job of holding her head independently in that position. She also showed some visual tracking as well as responses to auditory commands.

We had a short visit before we headed to Philly. Diane and I met Caitlin, JohnPaul, and Caitlin’s roommates, Heather and John. We weren’t sure if we were going to start out with brunch at their favorite diner “Little Pete’s” or choose another location. College kids love to go out to eat! John is a great cook and when he cooks for the girls, they refer to their home as “Little John’s”. The chef created an amazing brunch for us all! We then decided to wander across town to a little used bookstore. (Books are a passion for Diane and Caitlin) Across the street from the book store was the historic Eastern State Penitentiary. I know it sounds like an odd museum to visit, but the tour was worth taking! We even got to see the cell that Al Capone stayed in. Back in the day, there was central heat…not today! Fortunately for us, there was an outstanding little coffee shop across the street from the prison, ‘Mug shots’, they make a delicious cup of Hot Chocolate. PS – we even managed to make it to the bookstore before it closed. It was a very fun girl’s day out.

This evening, Corey was a bit uncomfortable. We think she has been having Charlie Horses which is a result of tightening the tension on the multi-flex braces. The nurse also reported that Corey had an upset stomach during the afternoon meds cycle. It’s difficult to try to figure out what Corey’s thinking, feeling, and trying to express when she can’t communicate with us yet. The best comparison I can use to explain this is when she was a baby. You know something is wrong, but you’re not sure what it is. So you go through the checklist. Is she in pain, is she dry, is she hot, is she tired, is she uncomfortable? What are her facial expressions telling us? So many questions!

I can share with you that Corey’s eyes and facial expressions are beginning to soften. By this I mean, she appears more relaxed, more focused and more like “Corey”. Diane hasn’t seen Corey in about a month and she noticed the change in her immediately.

Corey you would have loved and hated the tour today. You would have enjoyed the cell blocks but would have hated the cold weather and all the walking! It actually reminded me of when we were in Bath, England. That was another fun day in the freezing cold weather. When you’re ready, you can pick the next girl’s day out. Whatever or wherever you want to go, we’re in…just say the words. Rest well sweetie, I hope you’re more comfortable tomorrow. Happy dreams of where we’ll spend our girl’s day out, xoxo