Hi Everyone,

Corey had a good day today. It’s the weekend schedule so she only had a 1 ½ hrs of PT and Speech. In PT, the therapists used the wedge to position her on her stomach. She looked like she was ready to watch a little TV. This position gives her core and hip muscles a good stretch. We were very impressed with her head and neck control. She held her head independently and maintained a midline focus throughout the session.
The therapists then repositioned her to sit on the edge of the mat. In this posture she was practicing her kicking. The grand finale was bringing Corey to a standing position! Corey’s not ready to sit upright independently nor is she ready to bring herself to a standing position. But the therapists push her to begin using all her muscles with varied positions because one day she will be ready!

We had a new Speech therapist today. She has never worked with Corey before. Kate worked on swallowing using Apple Juice and a spoon. She only gave Corey a droplet, but was very impressed with her ability to open her mouth (actually, she just parted her teeth) as well as her ability to swallow. Corey was tracking Kate with her eyes. Never working with Corey before, Kate was impressed with Corey’s responses.

My sister Diane came to visit this weekend. We’ve been having fun visiting, chatting and laughing! With Diane here, I drove into Philly to have a dinner date with JohnPaul. We had a really nice night. Tomorrow is girl’s day with Caitlin!

Diane and I have had a running joke since I was in High School. For those of you who know me and all of you who have just met me but read these pages, you may have noticed I have a tendency to look at life with a positive view. Diane refers to this as “wearing my rose colored glasses”. Whenever I would not see a situation clearly, she would remind me to “take my glasses off”. As I got older, we would joke that I not only wore my glasses, I also added a super woman cape. Today on the drive down from NY, we were chatting via the cell phone. I sarcastically stated that I think I lost my glasses and left my cape at the dry cleaners. Diane reprimanded, “make no mistake; you’re wearing the cape, it’s invisible to you but not to me.” “And you were only supposed to take off your glasses NOT LOSE THEM”! Well, not to worry…Diane showed up with Rose Colored Glasses for me and Corey!

Corey we’ve had many long talks about how well you’re doing. These words of encouragement are sincere. Looking at things from a positive perspective is therapy for our heart and our spirit. We have to keep our glasses on sweetie. There is a great quote we can use to remind us of what’s important. The optimist sees the rose and not its thorns; the pessimist stares at the thorns, oblivious to the rose. We might be healing from the sting of the thorns but the rose is in the process of blooming! That’s YOU Corey. We can’t wait for you to begin to open up! Happy dreams, xoxo