Hi Everyone,

Still no call from insurance! We all know the saying; no news is good news…at least for today we’ll take it as good news. Although, we still feel like we’re holding a live grenade!

More good news, Corey’s not waiting for anyone. She continues to work hard regardless of what the insurance company considers improvement! This morning, the morning nurse, Brian, and tech, Jen, reported that Corey moved her left thumb on command. She also opened her mouth, manipulating her mouth and tongue as if she were trying to say something. Brian was egging her on. “Come on Cor, you know you want to tell this big guy off! Just say it girl!” Both Brian and Jen feel that Corey is trying so hard to vocalize but what she’s trying to say just can’t seem to come out…yet!

In the evening, we have been working on humming. We stroke the base of Corey’s throat to initiate sound as we hum and remind her that her voice comes from the breath at the base of her throat. The long Mmmmm we try to form into the word MOM. That word initiates the humming sound, will force the opening of her mouth when the word is formed, then completes the tone with the humming. Tonight she didn’t say Mom, but she did vocalize the noise from the base of her throat, AND we had a witness! Not only did she make a deliberate noise, she repeated the response and improved the time of the response.

We have also noticed that Corey is moving her eyes to mid-line more consistently. She is improving on turning her head and her eyes to the left to follow sound, motion and commands! And let’s not forget the high kicks from the right leg. Yes, High Kicks! Corey is lifting and holding her leg off the bed, mat and chair spontaneously. The team needs to evaluate the difference between spontaneous movement and command response movements. Since Corey is so active, they’ve introduced “Stop Kicking” to the command profile. She’s not only been deliberate in her movement, she’s obedient too…she stops on command. FYI – She was never that well behaved BEFORE the accident! Mark our words; she’ll be turning the Mmmmm into a Nnnnn to say NO before we know it!

Corey, you did not get a two hour delay or a snow day today! We are so proud of you for working hard each day and grateful you’re showing us new signs that you’re healing. Thank you for pushing when you don’t feel like it. Thank you for your willingness to try new exercises. Thank you for practicing. You’re getting stronger and quicker at each. Keep it up kiddo! You did a great job. Happy dreams, xoxo