Hi Everyone,

The weekend schedule for therapy is much lighter than during the week. Corey had a one hour session today. Don’t think for a minute she didn’t take full advantage of that hour! Julie, a weekend OT therapist, hasn’t seen Corey in 4-5 weeks. She was so impressed with Corey’s progress she was giddy!

We started Corey on the mat sitting up. She is doing a very good job developing her trunk and neck control. She held her head for more than 1 minute as she sat upright in a seated position. She also maintained her posture (with support). Julie slowly lowered her to one side just supporting her underarm and trunk. The purpose of this was to see what Corey would do. She reacted appropriately. As she leaned to her right, she was raising her head to the left which is a natural reaction to that “falling” sensation. Her eyes were moving to her right as a primitive response to the falling sensation. She wanted to see where she was going. The therapist referred to this as a “Horizon Motion”.
Once she was reclined on her right elbow to hold the posture, she continued to maintain her head and neck control. Julie was so pleased. Corey had no head, neck or trunk control 4-5 weeks ago.

We also tried her soccer exercises. She was kicking the ball and responded to the commands to kick and to Stop kicking! It was a response to a deliberate command.
Her “long blinks” are beginning to get confusing because Corey is now closing her eyes to move them towards the left. The blinks have been very inconsistent. So today, I was nodding my head up and down and asked Corey to mimic me. She responded 3x on command.

I wish you all could watch how hard Corey is working. Her stamina amazes me. She continues working even when she is exhausted. That perseverance is what is driving her recovery. Please don’t misunderstand our optimistic posts. Corey is like an infant. She is learning to hold her head, turn her head, and move her arms and legs. She’s learning how to express herself without words. The difference I see in the comparison is the strong will that developed over the last 18 years. That is the foundation she is building from. Those of you who know Corey can attest to that stubborn, determined, at times obstinate iron will!

Having all of you share this journey with us is more important than you realize. Your notes not only give encouragement they give us strength when we feel weak and tired. It makes me think of the 40 mile Breast Cancer Walk in NYC. In the beginning of the walk there are tons of spectators cheering us on as we begin. Towards the end of the first day (26 miles) when you think you can’t take one more step, you turn a corner and there is a small group just waiting to cheer you on. For that moment, you forget how sore and tired you are and you continue on. That’s what you are doing for us! You are the group that hasn’t forgotten that there are those walking a little slower but we’re still trying to get there.

Corey, you have made great strides this week. I’m sure it seems as if you are not achieving much but let us assure you, YOU ARE! A young man wrote us today. He suffered a traumatic brain injury in June of 2009. One of the sentences he wrote describing his perspective on his recovery is something we all can hold onto and build from. “Don’t think of yourself the way you were on October 1st. Think of yourself the way you were on October 2nd”. You have come such a long way in a short time. The accomplishments you’ve made are incredible and inspiring. We will help you to remember all that you have overcome and achieved since October 2nd. This perspective is what will keep you taking another step.
We are very proud of you honey! Happy Dreams xoxo