Hi Everyone,

Corey was humming again tonight! I love her friend Michelle’s reference to “our singing angel”…how appropriate.
We also worked on raising her left hand to touch her chin. When we work on more challenging motions like this, Corey is beginning to show a response pattern. She takes a deep breath, yawns and then she makes the motion requested. It took an hour and close to 20 yawns to move her arm/hand incrementally, but by the end of visiting hours she raised her hand to her chin!

I had a long meeting with Corey’s Doctor and Case Manager tonight. We are going to focus on 5 motions. The team will document how many times she’s asked to follow the motion commands and then show how many times she actually responds to those commands. This documentation is needed to show functional improvement for the insurance company.

Attention Prayer Warriors ~ Starting tomorrow through Monday, here is what we need to specifically pray for. We want Corey to respond to;
Long blink for Yes
Turn your head to the left
Turn your eyes to the left
Kick your leg
Wiggle your toes
We need her to respond ON COMMAND (no delays) and we need her to repeat the motion…this we hope will prove it’s a cognitive response.

Okay Corey, I know we keep asking, pushing, prodding and bugging you to work hard. We know you’re using every ounce of energy to show us you’re in there trying to get out…We need you to keep it up sweet pea! The team is ready for you to show off!
The energy you feel will be coming from the hundreds, NO, thousands of people that love you and are sending you the strength you need to show them what you’ve got! xoxo