Hi Everyone,

When I arrived tonight, Corey was showered and in bed after another full day of therapy. She was dozing in and out. This is typical for shower night, although she was awake for a few hours during our visit. I must admit, I love when we sit together. Holding her hand and quietly talking. She was calm, relaxed and appeared to be content. I wish I could express the inner peace I feel from this connection with her. When we tell her we love her, she consistently gives a long delayed blink. I believe it’s her way of hugging us back!

We didn’t hear an update from PT/OT as to whether Corey was building on yesterday’s success, but the nurses did share their observation. Corey was in between sessions, waiting in her wheelchair at the nurse’s station. They heard loud humming. To their surprise, it was Corey! She was wide awake and trying to get someone’s attention. She was humming so loud, one of the case managers in an office nearby came out to see who it was! I think she’s practicing for the Spring Concert at Avon Grove.

You all ask about JohnPaul and Caitlin. “The Kids” as Corey calls them, are both doing well. JohnPaul is enjoying his job at the University of the Arts and comes to visit as often as he can (now that he has a “real job”). I have some exciting news to share about Caitlin tonight. She received her grades for the quarter ~ 3.4! We are so proud of her and it’s a true testament to her character. Corey’s accident was October 2nd. The new quarter was starting on October 4th. Caitlin was going to drop out of school. Fortunately she didn’t. She rearranged her schedule, stayed focused and worked hard despite the emotional challenges she’s faced in the last 12 weeks. (2) A’s, (1) B and (1) B-
Way to Go Caitlin!

Tonight I’m saying prayers of gratitude for 3 kids that are Healthy, Independent, Intelligent, Motivated, Determined, Strong willed, and Inspiring! I couldn’t be more proud or feel more blessed!
Good night all, xoxo