Hi Everyone,

Corey was resting all weekend so she could surprise everyone today!
When I arrived, we were chatting about her progress. Corey is showing emotions with her facial expressions. Feelings of frustration, anger, sadness and discomfort. She also has begun to frown with her eyebrows! We continually encourage Corey by reviewing all the accomplishments she’s made to this point. This morning, as she looked at me, she began to cry. As painful as it is to watch, her crying is a good thing!
I acknowledged her frustration as well as agreed with her that it just stinks! BUT… she’s getting stronger and it’s temporary. With confidence I encourage her, she will be able to communicate with us. She is getting stronger and she’s showing more progress. We also talked about her not getting discouraged. She has to keep showing us the signs of communication with her eyes or by using her voice. I began humming and holding her hand to my throat to feel the vibration. I have no idea if Corey truly understood this conversation, but her actions for the rest of the day certainly would lead me to believe she was listening!

She had a full day of OT/PT and Speech. In OT, they placed a wedge under her torso leaning her on her right elbow. She held her head independently for several minutes. When asked to track with her eyes and wiggle her toes, she did!

Three separate times today, as we transitioned her from her chair to the bed, chair to mat, and chair to tilt table Corey vocalized a humming noise. This was witnessed by three separate clinicians who all looked at me surprised and joyful to hear her “singing”. I must say, I loved hearing the sound of her voice again!

As if this wasn’t enough, Corey had the most exciting progress in PT late this afternoon.
Natalie wanted to start on the tilt table. They position Corey’s wheelchair next to the table, remove the arm rail and foot rests. Natalie then prep’s Corey for the two person transition. “Okay Corey, are you ready to get on the tilt table”? We were all surprised to see Corey lift her right leg and kick forward as if she was going to help with the transition. Natalie was shocked, as was I! We have not seen this movement from her before. Natalie stood in front of Corey and asked Corey to Kick her…she did (we think she aimed!)

Natalie and the tech quickly ran to get assorted sized beach balls. Natalie showed Corey the ball. Jackie, the tech, held it at her foot. Natalie tilted Corey’s torso forward so she could see past her knees to look at the ball. Please note; Corey was holding her head independently as she leaned forward.
“Corey, Kick the Ball”…on command, she pulled back and moved her foot forward to kick the ball! She repeated this action twice, both without a delayed response to the command. Naturally, Natalie wanted more…the third try was just wiggling her toes but she tried. This is what we’re looking for. Following commands without a delayed response and following consistently upon request. Now the question is can she do it again tomorrow?

Corey, someone recently told me that you are healing everyday, we just can’t see it. Today, you showed us! When we watched you kick that ball we were so excited to share that with you. You are doing a great job sweetie! Little by little, you’re making huge strides. We are so proud of you. Let tomorrow take care of itself. Today we are grateful for “scoring another goal”…knowing you, you’ll start playing soccer when you get out of here? Happy dreams honey…rest and sleep well. You had a great day! xoxo