Hi Everyone,

Corey’s team is adding time to her therapy sessions. She’s up to 3 hours with PT/OT and Speech combined. All of Corey’s hard work from the weekend was shared with her weekly team. Everyone is very excited to have Corey back. The next month is going to be hard work for our girl.

Corey’s braces arrived today. They remind me of an episode of ‘The Bionic Woman’. The braces have a spring & hinge at the ankle. The hinge is set to the degree that will stretch Corey’s foot, ankle and calf muscles. When Corey flexes her foot as she spontaneously stretches, the spring will allow her foot to move and when she relaxes it will reset itself back to the preset hinge position. Over the next several weeks, she will increase her wearing time and each day we hope it will help workout the tone she is currently developing.

Tonight, Corey is sleeping soundly. I am home with Caitlin. We had a night of laughter, gossip and now a classic “Chick Flick”. What a wonderful way to end the day.
Happy dreams, xoxo