Hi Everyone,

Corey had a full day including another series of casting. The PT team has created bi-valves which are molded casts that can be put on and removed similar to splints. The casts will help prepare her for the braces that will be arriving soon.

Corey seemed alert this evening which was wonderful because my brother Frank came to visit! Frank flew in from London. He’s spending Christmas with my niece/his daughter Jen but took a detour via Philly for a visit with Corey. Skype is great but a visit in person is awesome! As Frank sat and spoke with Corey, she was alert and watching him. If she turned her head away, she would come back to look at Frank when she would hear his voice. It was good to see.

JohnPaul and Caitlin came out to see Uncle Frank and we all went out for my birthday dinner to Carrabba’s. We had a lot of laughs and I managed to find an Italian dish to order without garlic!

Last night I shared the emotion and frustration Corey felt with trying to open her mouth. We are beginning to work with her response to commands. Her long blinks are inconsistent so we are attempting to see if she’ll nod her head for Yes or shake her head for No. All her responses are inconsistent so it’s difficult to tell if she’s really responding accurately to our questions. John has seen her nod Yes. Tonight, I think she tried both the nod and the long blink. Again, it was too inconsistent to confirm with any confidence.

Frustration is a good word to describe our week. The dictionary defines frustration as a feeling of dissatisfaction, resulting from unfulfilled needs or unresolved problems. The greatest daily frustration for us and for Corey is waiting to see how she is healing. It’s not anything we can rush, work harder on, or force some of the new techniques we’ve discovered. “Unfulfilled Needs” and “Unresolved Problems” are Understatements! We talk to the behavioral neurologist and he doesn’t have any answers, assurances or predictions either.

So begins the mantra of inspirational quotes; “You are right where you are supposed to be, One Day at a Time, Don’t Give Up, Stay Positive”. Did you know; Mantra’s are words or formula’s chanted or sung as incantations or prayers. Corey, prayers can be a simple inspirational quote. They’re phrases that are worth holding onto even when we feel our spiritual grip is weakening. These prayers will fill the need to keep focusing forward and resolve our frustration. You are gaining strength each day. We can’t wait until you prove that your determination was the understatement! Keep fighting the frustration sweetie. Our Mantras will be the prayer that gives us daily strength.
Happy Dreams, xoxo