Hi Everyone,

Before I share about Corey’s day, I thought I’d tell you about tomorrow night. Shelly and the KX Athletics Gym are hosting the NO SHAVE NOVEMBER “shave off”. Some of you may recall that Corey and her fellow cheerleaders did not shave for the month of November. Sounds gross, (and it actually was) but it’s not unlike professional athletes that don’t shave during the World Series. The girls wouldn’t shave until the night before their first competition. They used to go to practice in their T-shirts and shorts with high baseball socks on. (It was really gross to touch each others hairy legs when they were stunting) The night before the first competition, several of them would come to our house and have the “shave off”. It was a riot to see 4-5 girls sitting on the side of the tub, 2 at the commode, 2-3 at the sink. The bathroom was not that big but there was music blaring, laughter and water every where! PS – they honestly did try to clean up…then I went in and really cleaned. Tomorrow night, the shave off is open to everyone. Guys joined in this year too. Maybe we should have called the public works department to warn them?

Everyone is expected to arrive at the gym by 7:30 with razor, shaving cream, and towel and bucket in hand. This has got to be the most creative fundraiser in the history of fundraising! They even had T-shirts made up with a hairy leg and hairy words! I will post pictures of this and the beef and beer this weekend!

Unfortunately, Corey didn’t have a comfortable day today. She had 2 ½ hours of therapy and she was very sore tonight. Her legs and right arm have increased tone (stiffness). Tomorrow PT will cast both her legs again. She has been fitted for custom braces but they will not arrive until next week. The casting will help postpone any further foot drop. Her right arm was molded for a new brace as well.

We’ve mentioned that Corey has been having stomach issues. The nutritionist changed her feeding formula but it doesn’t appear to be helping. She was extremely uncomfortable tonight. She did eventually settle down and fall into a restful sleep.

Corey did not look happy. She and I had a long chat. She was looking at me and I could see the discomfort in her eyes. She did not want to respond to any prompts and it was evident by her swollen lip she didn’t want to open her mouth.

My inner cheerleader spoke up! I read the care page notes to her. Those notes represent the difference she has made in the lives of so many people. I assured her that all her hard work is appreciated and applauded by hundreds of people that love her.

I told her I understand how difficult this is for her. It’s frustrating and tedious. But she is making great strides everyday. It’s okay to rest but don’t give yourself an excuse to give up. She has to do the hard work but we are with her. I reminded her of her drive, spirit and stubbornness. I asked her to remember that she would never let anyone tell her she can’t do something! I told her to keep fighting, striving and celebrate what she’s already achieved. “Every effort, every moment you are moving closer to the goal…You will come home, You will be back in school, You will be with your friends, You will go to college, You will achieve your dreams!”

It’s okay to rest, sweetie. Tomorrow will be a better day. Everyday you get stronger and tomorrow we will celebrate another accomplishment. We are so proud of you! xoxo