Hi Everyone,

Corey had a good day today. She had 2 ½ hours of PT/OT. Speech reported they observed Corey tracking from far right to far left three separate times! She loves her picture portfolio and the teams enjoy each story related to each picture. They feel as if they are getting to know Corey, her friends and her extended family despite the geographic distances. When we are in therapy together, the team can’t wait to hear more “Corey Stories”.

Corey has begun to bite her lower lip. Poor thing looks like she was on the receiving end of a right hook! I was putting ice on her lip and chatting with her tonight. She was not interested in opening her mouth at all. Frankly, I can’t blame her, her lip is huge! I assured her it was okay, she could use her eyes to talk. I asked her if her lip hurt and she responded with a long blink. She also wanted to show me…she moved her left arm from her waist towards her face. I asked her if she wanted to try and touch her face. She motioned upwards and gave me a long blink.

Let the game begin! “Corey, raise your left arm honey and touch your nose”. Slowly, Corey’s fingers began to move and then her arm lifted up towards her chin. Just as Corey was lifting her arm, Sue Ford arrived for a visit. Sue is Corey’s boss at the Candy store. Sue stood at Corey’s bedside watching as I asked Corey to move her left arm and touch her nose. Then she repeated the cycle when I asked her to move her right arm. We were so excited to see her arm movement from her waist to her chin and back down again. Sue took the opportunity to remind Corey that her arms were definitely moving in the right direction for “Pretzel dipping”, but she’s going to have to move a little faster if she’s going to come back to work and help fill the holiday orders!

As I go through my work day, I think of Corey. (I’m sure all of you don’t find that surprising) Today I was thinking of how hard she’s working and thought of all she’s trying to overcome. I also thought about the recent signs of communication; her long blinks, her mouth opening, her head turning and her arm movements. The phrase “the little things” kept running through my mind. How often have I been so consumed with “other things” that I missed “the little things”? The Little Things can make a Big Difference in my attitude and perspective. Corey’s accident was indeed a tragedy but she reminds us that if we focus and look for the little things in each day we have the chance to experience joy, excitement and hope. That’s what it feels like to witness each little accomplishment she makes. What a miraculous gift to hold on to.

You’re doing such a great job Corey. You are beginning to show us all the “Little” connections that you’re making. We are celebrating each little sign because we know that when you string them together, you will be back with us! Sleep will bring renewed strength honey. Happy Dreams xoxo