Hi Everyone,

What an incredible day! Corey had a good day with the OT and Speech teams. We are noticing her ability to hold a long blink that we believe is responsive to our prompts. Corey had many long distance visitors this weekend. Yesterday my sister Diane came to stay with Corey from Long Island. Today, my sister Louise (NY) and Corey’s cousin Jen (MA) came to visit. Jen had a ball giving Corey a manicure and chatting about the CMA awards show among many other topics. Corey was “locked in” to Jen. They have been very close since Corey was little. In fact, Corey’s first Barbie was called “Jen-i-fur”. Corey didn’t take her eyes off of Jen the entire visit!

Louise and Jen stayed with Corey while we all went to the Care for Corey Day. We had a blast! Our community pulled together the most wonderful fundraiser for Corey. During the afternoon, there was an Ice Cream Social/Dance Party for all of Corey’s “younger” friends. It was great to see the kids dancing and having fun. Tonight was the Beef & Beer with Basket Raffles and a 50/50. Everything was great; the food, music and terrific assortment of baskets. Caitlin was our Raffle commentator. If Photography doesn’t work out for her, she definitely has a future as either a Talk Show host or Stand Up comic! What an amazing gift to see this venue sold out! You all would be proud of me, I said a quick Thank You speech and didn’t even cry…Until everyone stood up and started clapping for us…then I lost it!

It was a great night. The only thing that would have made it better was if Corey could have been there too. Not to worry, there was so much love in that room, we will definitely bring it back to share with her.

A special thank you to Tati, Lisa, Pat, Diane, Lin, and Jeanine for coordinating this event. To Nicole for ordering our Corey Bracelets. To everyone that donated the amazing baskets for the raffles, Stacy for your musical talent as a DJ and all of our friends that came out to celebrate the life of our amazing little girl, Corey; THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Corey, I can’t wait to tell you all about it tomorrow! We missed you tonight sweetie but I can tell you, you are loved by so many! Happy Dreams, xoxo