Hi Everyone,

Corey seemed to have a more comfortable day. Her cramping seemed to lessen and her vital signs were stable for the better part of the day.

She had Speech and OT today. The OT therapists worked on her trunk and neck control. She attempted to hold her head and sit independently again today. When she wobbled towards one direction, she looked in the direction of the fall. This is a good sign. It’s the primitive protective instinct I wrote about several weeks ago. She wanted to see what she was falling towards.

Corey continues to work towards keeping her focus at midline. Today she had a new student nurse, Susan. When Susan came into the room, Corey followed her as she crossed the room. This was exciting for us to watch. She also tracked her as she left!
She and Susan became fast friends. Susan has a background in massage therapy. She gave Corey a wonderful hand and arm massage as she did a little bedside PT. (I was ready to jump in the bed next to Corey and pretend I was a patient too!) Today was a better day.

I’m writing this update from Corey’s bedside. Let me see if I can give you a visual of how beautiful she looks. She just fell asleep. She looks comfortable and so peaceful. Her blonde hair is French braided so it doesn’t get tangled or matted as she sleeps. She is surrounded by “Princess Pillows” to prop her on her side, relax her arms and release the weight from her foot casts. Her hands are wrapped around two teddy bears. We use them to keep her hands from clenching but they also give comfort and warmth so she feels as if we are still holding her hands as she sleeps. Just like when she was a baby; I never tire of watching this beautiful girl sleep.
I am going to kiss her goodnight for all of you! 😉

Happy dreams sweetheart! We love you so much. xoxo