Hi Everyone,

Corey had a good day and active evening! She had new casts put on today. The PT staff say that her mural socks are now her trademark!

Caitlin came to visit overnight. During visiting hours Caitlin read to Corey. She wrapped up Matilda and began Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Caitlin was hysterical! She should be majoring in acting instead of photography. She used different voices for each character but the funny part was, as she read and enjoyed the story line, she was laughing out loud! We didn’t know what was funnier, the story or Caitlin cracking up as she read? Corey loved hearing Caitlin’s voice and was very alert all night.

One of Corey’s nurses came in and hadn’t seen the family pictures yet. As we flipped through and shared names, Corey reacted to Meghan’s pictures again. We decided to call Katie and ask that Meghan get on the speaker phone. Corey stared at Meghan’s picture as she listened to her chatter away. Corey became very animated. She lifted both her arms up and towards Meghan’s picture. We also saw her eyes tearing as she maintained her focus on Meghan. Katie pulled out all Meghan’s tricks. The “what does (name the animal) say” game and prodding her favorite little sayings like, “Oh Man” and “Uh oh” as only Meghan can exclaim. Amazing how this little one can reach in and connect with Corey even over the phone. It brought tears to our eyes!

Caitlin and Meghan’s visit was a lot of activity for Corey. She settled in and was ready to sleep. Tomorrow is a big day traveling to get her tests. She was tucked in and looked very peaceful when we left.

Sleep well Corey. Happy dreams of Meghan’s giggles! xoxo