Hi Everyone,

Corey was awake when I arrived today. Unfortunately, she was very uncomfortable. She had casts put on both feet today up to her knees. She has begun “foot drop”. That means that the muscles are losing flexibility and as they do, her foot will straighten instead of staying at 90 degrees with full motion.

She is currently at –15. The current casts will stay on for 2-3 days. The therapist will remove them, adjust her incrementally, and then cast her again for 5-7 days. This process will repeat until they can get her feet back to 90 degrees (which is zero). Depending on how she tolerates this, she will be wearing these casts for 3-4 months. Tomorrow I will be picking up colored sharpies and begin to decorate her casts! I knew art school would come in handy again someday!

When I speak to the therapists I’m always surprised by their comment, “It hasn’t been that long since the accident”. I’m sure they’re not looking at the same calendar that we’re living with! Some patients don’t arrive for 5-6 months or more from the ICU. By the time they do arrive, their muscle tone is fixed and extremely difficult to work with. Truthfully, they are encouraged that Corey is here “so early in the game.” This is another good sign to be grateful for.

By the time visiting hours were over, she had settled in and was resting comfortably. We love to watch her as she sleeps peacefully. Happy dreams baby girl. You’ll be up dancing soon! xoxo