Hi Everyone,

Miss Corey was a busy girl today. They had her going all day! She started therapy at 9:30 and didn’t finish until her shower at 4:30. She had 3 ½ hrs of Physical Therapy, 2 hrs of Occupational Therapy and an hour of Speech. They made sure to squeeze a nap for an hour too.

When we arrived to see her tonight she had her trach capped. This is a very good sign. The team will cap her for several days and then will try the cap through the night. When they do that, she will be monitored to check oxygen levels and her heart rate. If she tolerates this, she’s moving closer to getting the trach out!

We have a request of all her friends and family. We mentioned that Corey responded to Amelia’s picture; well she continues to respond to other photo’s. The collages are great but it’s too much stimulus. We need pictures of her Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, school friends and cheering friends. Please blow up your picture (single person per picture) on an 8×11. (It doesn’t have to be on “picture paper” you can use printer paper. Color would be best).
We will write your name on the back of the picture (and probably share a funny story or two) so that the therapist can help her make “connections” with the people she loves.

We truly appreciate all of you! Thank you for walking this new path with us. She’s sleeping soundly tonight! Happy Dreams Corey xoxo