Hi Everyone,
Corey had a good day. The weekend is a reduced exercise time but she still had an hour of PT. I was able to join them to observe.

Corey started on the Tilt Table. The therapist lays her on the table with straps and moves the table incrementally to get Corey to a standing position. This is done very slowly and each degree change is monitored with her blood pressure and heart rate to make sure she in not in pain and/or she’s not anxious by the change in position. This technique helps strengthen her ankles as well as develops her weight baring capability. During the process they work on her focus and tracking. We used pictures of Amelia and one of her collages to help stimulate a response. Once she is standing, they then recline her incrementally. This process takes about 30 minutes.

The second piece of today’s session was the use of the Bolster. It is a large cylinder that is approximately 3’ in diameter. The therapist, Jen, positions herself behind Corey (hugging her from behind) She takes her right arm under Corey and reaches over to Corey’s left forearm. Jen’s left arm then reaches under and over to Corey’s right. She’s crossed her arms to position the “lift” off the tilt table to move her to the cylinder. Jen holds Corey in this posture as she straddles the cylinder so Corey can sit on the edge. Together they rock on the bolster from side to side and front to back. This technique, also 30 minutes, builds head, neck and trunk control. Corey did very well.

We went back to her room to get her coat. We were given permission to go 4-wheelin’ on the grounds! Corey and I strolled through the facility and found our way outside to the garden and goose pond. We sat in the sun, felt the breeze and listened to the geese. It was a beautiful fall day.

Our friends and families have been an incredible support for us. Today, a young man we never met before came to visit Corey. He was on this same wing July 2009. This young man sat with Corey and shared with her that 15 months ago, he was in the same bed as she is now. He also encouraged her that if she fights and works hard; she will full fill her dreams and she will be standing just like he is today.

A short while later, the mother of another brain injury child came to see me. We had never met but she wanted to come speak to me, mother to mother. We talked for a very long time. She reminded me that the one thing we are all guaranteed in this life is that our lives will change. That’s true regardless of our circumstances. We don’t know how this brain injury will change Corey but she is still Corey. She has changed everyday since the day she was born. Learning, growing and maturing. That is true for today too. We couldn’t predict what changes Corey would go through in the next 10 years prior to the accident, so we need not wonder and focus on those now. Today, we cherish what we do know. She’s beautiful! Her skin color is good, her eyes are open, she’s holding our hand and she’s spontaneously moving her arms and legs. Each day she will continue to change and we need to cherish each new discovery.

This woman then shared that her daughter was 17 when she was in her car accident. 8 years later, she’s married, holds a job and last week, delivered their first grandchild, a baby boy.
Today, we will continue to pray for Corey to heal and get stronger. We can also pray for ourselves. Pray to maintain hope, optimism and courage to keep an open heart and mind so we can see and celebrate the daily discoveries.
God Bless you Corey! xoxo