Hi Everyone,

This post is written with gratitude and renewed hope! We have been looking for any little glimpse or sign from Corey. Last night as we were tucking her into bed, her night nurse, Pat, was chatting with her and asked her to blink a response to her. She then squealed, “Did you see that?” “She blinked!”…I did not.

I’m back to work full time now and tonight couldn’t make it to Corey until 5:40. She was awake staring straight ahead as I entered the room. Here was our conversation.
“Hi honey, I’m sorry I’m a little late”
I went directly into her line of site and she turned her eyes to her right.
“Hey you, don’t you turn away from me” “How was your day”?
She turned her eyes straight.
Teasing her, “Oh, I see you’re mad at me, huh”? “Corey, follow my voice, can you find me”?
She closed her eyes and when she opened them our eyes met. She was looking at me. “You can hear me can’t you” “Corey, blink once if you can hear me”
She then took one long deliberate blink!
“You can hear me can’t you sweetie.”
She took another long deliberate blink.
I really want to believe what I thought I saw but then thought; maybe my eyes were seeing what my heart wanted to see.

A few minutes later, Nick, a new night nurse came in. We were chatting about her day from the clinical perspective.
Nick asked me, “Have you noticed Corey being more alert while she’s had her eyes open? Has she been tracking you or has she blinked to any questions from you”?
I admitted that it just happened. He shared that when he was getting her ready for bed, she was tracking him in the room. He approached her and said, “Corey, one blink for yes, two blinks for no…are you watching me”? She blinked once.

I shared my own little “test” with him and asked him if he thought she was deliberately blinking. He said in his heart and opinion she did! This is a man that has been on this wing for 23 years. I trust his heart and his opinion!

Faith is a tricky thing. My parents had a motto, “the difficult is easy, the impossible just takes a little longer”
I’m so grateful to all of you for encouraging us to keep the faith and allowing us to rely on your positive energy. Speaking for myself, it’s been a daily struggle. We received a St. Jude relic 9 days ago from a friend. St. Jude is the patron saint of impossible cases. My friend’s family was going to say a Novena to St. Jude for Corey. I have been rubbing the relic on Corey’s head each day. Then I place the relic in the palm of our hands as we hold hands, praying that Corey will be healed. Tomorrow is the feast day of St. Jude. I think he’s winking through Corey to let us know he’s been listening.