Hi Everyone,

It was a long day but she looks good.

Corey started early with x-rays of the femur and a Doppler for the blood clot in her leg. Good news, the Doppler was negative. The x-ray results will be reported tomorrow.
Corey had OT from 9-10, PT from 10-11:30. She rested from 11:30-1pm, then ST 1-1:30, PT again from 1:30-2:30. She then closed the day with Psychology. After her shower, she was tucked into bed and chilled out until she passed out!

This week is evaluation week. We won’t have any reports on their evaluations until the end of the week. The therapists will formulate her regiment based on this week. They are looking for her range of motion, alertness, and her reaction to techniques and most importantly is she in pain as she works certain movements.

One report the staff did share was Corey DID NOT like the bolster. They use a bolster to put her into a sitting position and try to manipulate her limbs and build her trunk muscles. Her heart rate spiked and that let the team know that she was not happy to be using that technique…not yet anyway!

She’s tucked into bed and sleeping comfortably. Happy dreams Corey! xoxo