Hi Everyone,

It was another quiet day, but a good day. Lots to catch you up on…

Our biggest news of the day; Corey’s swelling has begun to come down!!! The right side of her head is beginning to depress. For the first time ever, let’s be happy she’s depressed! 😉
This is a clear sign that the shunt is working. At 4pm she was a 9T. This evening, she’s back down to a 7T but that’s okay…this process will, as the nurses say, wax and wane. She’s been resting a lot today but she did spontaneously open both her eyes together and at the same level. The nurses feel that she is “lighter” in her responses, which means it takes less poking, prodding and pinching to get her to respond. We think she’s tired of them tormenting her…just wait until she goes to rehab, she’ll be begging for the ICU team!

Our family hairstylist came to visit and just so happened to have her scissors with her! Corey’s long hair was beginning to get very matted from her surgeries and partially stuck in her neck collar. Debbie was able to get at all her hair with the help of her nurse. Corey is now styling a shorter inverted bob. She still has one more surgery to go (replacing the bone flap), so until then this was the easiest style for rehab transition. Debbie will do a funky cute short-short style after the next surgery that Corey will surely rock! That will let both sides begin to grow together.

We are waiting on an ultrasound to come down tonight to look at her legs. She has developed a blood clot. The doctors feel that it’s not a substantial clot but we need to make sure so it doesn’t hold her up from going to Bryn Mawr. The clots and no fever tonight are the two major pieces left for her release. That’s right! If she passes these last two check points we could be out of here tomorrow! If there is a delay, we will go Monday. Welcome to the “wait and see” game!
We also thought you’d like to know Bryn Mawr’s motto; “Roll them in and Walk them out”. That’s the plan and we’re holdin’ them to it!

Speaking of planning; save the date Saturday, November 27th, 2010. Our community is planning a Corey Day. During the day they will be hosting a dance party for the younger cheerleading girls along with “little kid” events. That evening there will be a Beef & Beer for the parents with a silent auction of gift baskets with some amazing treasures. All funds will all go towards Corey’s healthcare costs.
More details will be posted as it gets closer.

We have repeatedly said “Thank You”. Those two words don’t begin to speak what we feel in our hearts. We hope you all know just how much you mean to us and to Corey. We have been so blessed by each of you!
Love The Beattie’s