Hi Everyone,

Corey is joining me as this is written. We are watching the Phillies together.
She is very impressed with my play by play…NOT!
She started out watching in her recliner but then we had to move her to the bed, bathe her, and now she’s tucked in. Throughout the process I’m calling the inning updates to her.
I know just enough to fake it and sound like I really now what’s going on. She, on the other hand, could tell you the statistics on each player for both teams! Oh well, if she doesn’t like the commentator, she can wake up and let me know!

It looks like rehab might be on hold. The MRI showed that the brain swelling has not come down yet. The craniotomy allowed the brain to swell to relieve the pressure but this also helped the ventricles to expand and fill with more fluid. This is not uncommon. A third of patients that have this procedure do this. Monday, the doctors will have another CAT scan and will most likely want to put in a shunt. The shunt acts like a valve that allows the fluid to be sent out of the brain down to the abdomen. The fluid is then absorbed by the body and the body gets rid of it. Completely amazing! We will confirm this Monday if this will be a necessary surgery. If it is, it will give her the best opportunity for the best potential in rehab.

She’s been fever free today. The cultures are still growing. She was a 7T today and opened both eyes a few times today!

And so our day closes. Corey looks beautiful (I French braided her hair) She’s tucked in with her Bears and princess blanket. She is resting comfortably. It’s time for our bedtime prayers. Good night all.