Hi Everyone,
It’s amazing to think it’s only been 2 weeks! So much has happened. Corey is an amazing young woman.

Today was a long day. There is nothing new to report clinically, just an improvement on what we’ve been seeing. She is opening her left eye wider and trying to peak through the right eye. Soon she’ll be winking I’m sure! Her neuro tests are still at a 6T. She’s started to yawn. That could be a sign that she’s tired of us hangin’ around and bored with our conversations!

Neurology took her for a second MRI to make sure the films were clear and they could read well. She had a fever this morning and tonight, so more blood work and cultures to make sure she isn’t fighting a new bacterial virus. If the tests come back negative, the fever could be a normal side affect from the Brain Trauma. Your brain regulates your body temperature and when it’s injured, the body sometimes has erratic fevers.

On a lighter note, we’ve started playing her “Happy” collection of music from her IPod which is a nice addition to the room. It’s comforting to have familiar music in the back round. It’s fun to see the nurses come in and start to sing along. We can’t wait for Corey to join them and maybe even do a little dance! Her friends will tell you that the singing is more likely than the dance steps. Just ask her choreographer from cheering!

Please keep the prayers coming. She’s fighting to come back to us!