Hi Everyone,

We’re now thinking that we are living an episode of Ripley’s Believe it or Not.
Corey is moving right along…

The physical therapists were in to fit Corey for a helmet that will protect her head as they work with her and move her. They had two sizes to choose from. One was too big and one was too small. She’s now Goldilocks! Maybe when we get to rehab they’ll have one that fits just right!

Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy all worked with Corey today. PT and OT began by getting Corey out of bed and into a recliner! Her heart rate and vitals handled the transition well. She kept her left eye open the whole time. We think she was looking for the nearest exit.

The therapists chose the larger helmet so they could stuff it with padding trying to make it fit. When they put it on her, we were thrown back in time. Looking at this little face in the big helmet reminded us of when she was 3 yrs old wearing her first Barbie bike helmet. We were kidding with the nurses to be careful because Corey is going to be ready for the wheelchair races before they know it!

Once Corey was settled in her recliner, we began to notice that, ever so slowly, her helmet was moving forward covering her eyebrows, and then the eyes until it rested on the bridge of her nose. Now she really looked 3yrs old! We called the nurse in. To resolve this creeping issue she attached nursing tape from the front of the helmet and stretched it to the back of chair handle. That kept the helmet in place. The nurse looked at us and said, ‘there’s nothing nurses tape can’t fix; just like duct tape!’ PS – Corey rocked the helmet look!

Clinically she is doing very well. It’s amazing to think that her body is healing so quickly. The last piece to heal is the Brain Trauma.

We are now in the “wait and see” stage of recovery. We know how hard this is on all of you wondering how long this stage will last and the questions we all have trying to get some gauge of what’s to come.
In true “Corey Style” she will continue to keep us guessing and keep us on our toes never knowing what to expect from her next. In many ways it’s exciting!

This stage is where the rehab comes in. She is clinically ready for the Big Move! The sooner we get Corey to an inpatient rehab the sooner we will begin to witness her achievements. We’ve begun the rehab interview process. We haven’t made our decision yet, but will keep you informed as we continue to watch this magnificent healing process.

Thank you all for being apart of her journey!