Corey had a really good day. First the non-medical highlights.

The hospital Chaplin meets with the Neuro ICU team every Thursday. They talk about the families and the patients. Corey is the youngest patient on this wing at the moment. The nurses shared the picture collage that Corey’s girlfriends made and pointed out that her friends also brought a Sleeping Beauty Barbie (Corey’s favorite Disney Princess)
One of the team commented “that’s appropriate, she’s OUR Sleeping Beauty and we are waiting for her to wake up”

Now for Sleeping Beauty’s medical update
Corey’s facial swelling has diminished tremendously. She looks beautiful. Back to looking like “our” Corey. She had a low grade fever all day 100.4 and her lungs sound clear. She has a urinary trac infection and has maintained a 6T for reflexive responses all day.

Ready for the “Really Good” News?
JohnPaul came to visit this afternoon and was talking to her and holding her hand.
Corey squeezed his hand, lifted her arm and pulled his hand across her chest! She wanted to hand wrestle and totally won that round!
In addition, she has been fluttering her eyes, begun eye rolling (like REM sleep) and tonight was trying to open her left eye!

We know you share this feeling of excitement with us; quite frankly, we couldn’t wait to write this and share our good day with you!

PS – she’s been wearing her Phillies shirt all day to get ready for the game tonight. Wait until she hears about the “come from behind” win from her team. Hmmm, maybe she was their inspiration?