Hi guys,
We’re so glad we did this because reading all your posts is incredibly comforting and inspiring! It gives us strength knowing you all are out there helping us help corey!

Today was a good day. Before I begin with the medical update, you all need to know what we saw this morning. Normally we can get into see Corey by 7:30-8:00 am. Today, her day nurse, Kim, asked us to wait until 9am. When we got into see her, corey had her scarf rewrapped and styled, her legs shaved, and her toes painted to match what Kerri painted on her nails. Kim thought it only appropriate that Corey had a complete spa experience!

Corey had another CAT Scan and the Neurology team believes that her swelling has peaked. She is less swollen today than yesterday. Now we wait because the less swollen she gets, the sooner she will begin to expand on her neuro responses.

Her fever was up/down all day but nothing alarming. This is normal for pneumonia and is being treated aggressively.

Her Neuro response score was 4T this morning and 6T tonight so she’s holdin’ steady with that.
All in all, it was a good day. Thanks so much for all your notes, we love reading them!